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Bad Faith Catering

Bad Faith is a Tulsa-based punch catering company, with a laser-focus on high quality, but accessible mixed drinks.

Jean-Paul Satre’s most famous example of the philosophy of bad faith is the cafe waiter who plays at being a cafe waiter. He illustrates this concept by saying: “There is no doubt I am in a sense a café waiter—otherwise could I not just as well call myself a diplomat or reporter? But if I am one, this cannot be in the mode of being-in-itself. I am a waiter in the mode of being what I am not
This is where Bad Faith catering got their name. In a twist of irony, Parker Owen and Jacob Howard genuinely are what they do.

Creating and serving specialty craft mixed drinks brings these two so much excitement, and I wanted to bring that excitement to their brand.

Identity Mark

The mark itself is bold, playful, and alludes to the process of crafting a mixed drink, with the dripper hidden within the ‘B’ of Bad Faith.

Color Palette and Typefaces

The color palette comes from Bad Faith’s favorite spirits, such as the vibrant green-ish yellow of absinthe, and the bright red of aperol.
The type is bold, and clear, in order to stand out against the various brands that Bad Faith uses in their drink-making process.