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Principles of Disappearance

Watch the full video here
The Principles of Disappearance was made in the Fall of 2016 as an introductory project to SAIC’s woodshop and sewing machines. The assignment was to create a table and soft sculpture that went together.

This was both my first time working with wood, and with soft sculpture. It features a hand-dyed back drop, a whale carcass made from silk, felted cockles, and other small crafted pieces; along with wooden legs carved into organic forms and textured using a router, upon which a tabletop made of ice sat.

I would also consider this my first experience with set design. I had a particular vision for what I wanted this piece to look like, and I did not want to lose out on any of the control over the work. I designed everything from the smallest cluster of seeds to the backdrop upon which it rests.

The project was environmental at its core, providing a commentary on global warming and the melting ice caps. A time lapse video of the table top melting all over the oceanic scene was the final product. Music made by my partner, Parker Owen.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles