Research / Design

The Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection and Archives Brand Standards

“Whom do we speak to, and how do we encode our messages? How can we be heard or read, even after we are dead?” - Ander Monson

Part of the responsibilities I took on while working at the Joan Flasch was to create a brand identity for the library. I wanted to create a standard that was visually compelling but would not clash with the breadth of the collection as a whole. In order to maintain a clean overall look, I decided to set a standard that was easy to use and easy to keep organized in a wide range of situations. The main functions for the brand standard are in-house labelling and action slips, such as cart labels for class visits, material request forms, and repair request forms.

After careful consideration, I decided on Grotesque Display MT Bold for header copy and Officina Sans book weight for running copy. There are no color additions, to maintain clarity, and to reduce the amount of risk that the ink would wear from the archival paper and deface any of the objects in our collection, however decorative elements include boxes, horizontal and vertical lines, and folder shapes in both solid and dashed lines. 

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles