Let’s Talk

Photo by Parker Maguire Owen

There are three things I truly believe in in this life that I imbue in all of my work as a designer and researcher: Beauty, Truth, and Responsibility. I believe in beauty in its many manifestations, and in the pursuit of beauty through genuine experiences. I believe in truth, and in its ability to remove the lacquer that covers an authentic vision, to allow full realization. I believe in the responsibility we each hold to improve both our own lives and the lives of others and those to come, to continue to create beautiful, truthful experiences.

Whenever I begin a new project, I ask myself three questions to ensure that my work is in line with what I believe in: Who is benefitting from this project? (to ensure that I am being a responsible designer), What message is the project promoting? (to ensure truthfulness), and how will I go about creating a genuine physical manifestation of this project? (to make sure I create something beautiful). Throughout my research process and well into my creative output, I continuously check in with these questions, ensuring that I’ve done everything I can to produce thoughtful and meticulously considered work for both myself and for my clients.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles