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Ignore/Love Your Body Because App

A love letter to Marlo Koch.

In 2017, I was working at the Joan Flasch Artists’ Books Collection, processing new acquisitions, when I stumbled across a beautiful, simple book that said “Ignore Your Body Because” on one half, and “Pay Attention to Your Body Because” on the other. It was a poem in book form by a then Chicago based artist named Marlo Koch.


I have never met Marlo in person, but if I were to, I would burst into tears.

Never have I felt so understood, so seen by a bit of writing. I devoured everything we had at the collection by them, spending the better part of my shift with my nose buried, sniffling, in their books.

Unfortunately, post-graduation, I have not been able to find anything by Marlo available online, save for a few published poems on different literary websites. My encounters with the work I am most familiar with exists solely in the digital realm. The snuck photographs between class visits.

This, however, feels appropriate. As if, through the filter of those photographs, I can somehow add to the narrative that Marlo created. 

Their work has so much to do with the distinctions between the physical and the digital, and the ways in which we can manipulate those borders and draw the digital in real space. 

Thus, my second Unity project was born. 
I decided to take Marlo’s poem, which I had by that point memorized, and transform it to an app format. Merging the digital and the physical.

I wrote a brief intro, and made the book into a quiz, with only two choices, “Love” or “Ignore”.

Each takes you through a different set of the conditions that Marlo set forth, but unlike a typical quiz, there is never any end or result. It is cyclical, just like Marlo’s poem. You keep returning to the prompts, lost in consideration for yourself and the way you are changing.

I kept the typography in as close to Marlo’s form as possible, leaving the implications and pacing to them. 

If they ever see this, I hope it’d be a moment they would love their body.