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Charms and Curses for the Digital Age

There is Magic imbued in everything we touch.

This project was my first attempt at creating digital content. I was inspired by outdated technology, QR codes in particular and how they functioned as relics in an almost magical way.

So much of the tech we use is so mystifying to me, and especially as we continue to progress, the world we live in becomes more and more like magic. In that same vein, just as wizards and runes are from a time of their own and have their own magic potency, the older tech we no longer use has a potent magic of its own.

Items such as VCRS, CDs, QR Codes, and early computers become imbued with a certain type of magic. Charms and Curses for the Digital Age harnesses the magic of old tech in order to perform magic acts to aid in daily life, such as charms for sleep, hunger, and lovemaking and curses for ghosts, rudeness, and sadness.

For this project, I created a runic system that incorporates the language of tech, as well as distinct rituals for each charm or curse. In theory, the rune would act as a QR code to link you to the appropriate spell on your cellphone, which you could then execute per the instructions of the spell.

Here are the complete sets of Charms and Curses for the Digital Age:

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles